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Support St. Edmund's Parish

We Need Your Help!

Generosity is an attitude of the heart.

As we live devoted to God and learn to live like Jesus, we recognize that living generous and sometimes sacrificial lives is part of the Kingdom of God. It's a wonderful privilege to give our money, talents, gifts, and time to serve the church and community.

The Bible talks about cheerfully giving God our “first fruits” (2 Cor 9:7, Prov 3:9) – so we ask our church family to give generously, not out of obligation, but gladly sacrificing for the sake of the Gospel because Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

Giving Time and Talent
Financial Giving

Online Giving

Make a weekly, monthly, or one-time donation to the St. Edmund's Parish collection.

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Pre-Authorized Giving

Support the parish with an automatic gift each month from either your bank account or credit card.

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Project Advance

Donate to the Archdiocese of Vancouver's annual capital fundraising campaign; read the Archbishop's letter here.

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Imagine what could happen if every member of Christ’s Church were actively engaged in some form of volunteerism within the Church and Community. What things might be accomplished for the Kingdom of God!

Without the help and support of those of us in the pews, not even the lights of our parish would stay on. Each parish needs each of us to help and support the pastor and his associates to do the important work of our Lord and his Church. 

If you have time or talent to give to support St. Edmund's Parish, please contact the parish office and we would be happy to help you get involved!

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