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April 22/23 2023 - Sunday Bulletin

3rd Sunday of Easter

This Week In the Church

Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Raoul Agonias who went home to God. May he rest in peace in the comfort of the Lord.

Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Adela Diego who went home to God. May she rest in peace in the comfort of the Lord.

VIEWING: TUESDAY, APRIL 25TH from 6-9pm at Bell & Burnaby Funeral Home at 4276 Hastings St., Burnaby

PRAYERS & VIEWING: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26TH from 6-9pm at Holy Trinity Parish

FUNERAL MASS: THURSDAY, APRIL 27TH @ 11AM at Holy Trinity Parish

ST.EDMUND’S SCHOOL – scroll down to the School’s section for news about the Walkathon

CWL Coffee Sunday & Bake Sale is after all Masses on Sunday, April 30th. Baking donations will be gratefully received prior to the Masses. Please allow the CWL to price your baked goods.

Important Updates

2022 TAX RECEIPTS - available from the Parish Office.

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH – there is a Filipino Mass at 6pm



Formation Stories of the Church Community

As in last week’s Gospel, today’s Gospel shows us how the first community of disciples came to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. In these stories we gain insight into how the community of the Church came to be formed.

When we read today’s Gospel, we may be surprised to learn that these friends of Jesus could walk and converse with him at some length yet not recognize him. Again we discover that the risen Jesus is not always easily recognized. Cleopas and the other disciple walk with a person whom they believe to be a stranger; only later do they discover that the stranger is Jesus. We learn that the first community met and recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, just as we meet Jesus in the Eucharist.

We can imagine the feelings of the two disciples in today’s reading. They are leaving their community in Jerusalem. Their friend Jesus has been crucified. Their hope is gone. They are trying to make sense of what has occurred, so that they can put the experience behind them.

Jesus himself approaches the two men, but they take him for a stranger. Jesus asks them what they are discussing. He invites them to share their experience and interpretation of the events surrounding his crucifixion and death. When the two disciples have done so, Jesus offers his own interpretation of his crucifixion and resurrection, citing Jewish Scripture. In that encounter we find the model for our Liturgy of the Word—what we do each time we gather as a community for the Eucharist. We reflect upon our life experiences and interpret them in light of Scripture. We gather together to break open the Word of God.

In the next part of the story, we find a model for our Liturgy of the Eucharist. The disciples invite the stranger (Jesus) to stay with them. During the meal in which they share in the breaking of the bread, the disciples’ eyes are opened; they recognize the stranger as Jesus. In the Eucharist too we share in the breaking of the bread and discover Jesus in our midst. Just as the disciples returned to Jerusalem to recount their experience to the other disciples, we too are sent from our Eucharistic gathering. Our experience of Jesus in the Eucharist compels us to share the story with others.

~ Loyola Press


Mass Intentions

Sunday, April 23

· Repose Erasmo Picones by Annaliza Apostol

· Repose Beverley Larose by Antoine Larose

· Repose Joseph Hiep Pham by daughter Rosa Zivarts

· Repose Harold Onas by Gaskell family

· Spec. Intention Elizabeth Livingston by John & Elisa Bueno

Monday, April 24

· Spec. Intention St. Edmund’s Parishioners

· Repose Amado S. Reyes by Antonio & Wilmar Gaskell

Tuesday, April 25

· Repose Dick Lee by Lorne & Helene

· Spec. Intention Sr. Kathleen Murphy by Elizabeth Livingston

Wednesday, April 26

· Spec. Intention Caleb Geue by Barbara Stuart

· Repose Manuel A. Canhoto by Ludovina Santos

Thursday, April 27

· Spec. Intention for Al DeLucrezia & family by Lynn

Friday, April 28

· Spec. Intention for Al DeLucrezia & family by Lynn & Jane

Saturday, April 29

· Repose Luigi Rota by Maria Morisseau

· Repose Patrick Jeremiah Mangiliman by Gaskell family

If you need a Mass Intention, please contact the Parish Office




Parish Groups

ST. Edmund's Christian Meditation Group

Date: All Mondays at 7:00 PM

Participation in person:

please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304

Option to participate via ZOOM:

For an introductory conversation, please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304 – Afterwards, A ZOOM link will be provided


Catholic Women’s League meetings are now in person on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7pm

SPECIAL NOTE: Starting April meetings will be in person

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm

All Spring Term lessons are now available to book at .

Registration for Summer camps and lessons will be available in April.


St. Edmund’s School Walkathon is our largest student-led fundraising event. Your donation to our campaign has an impact on our educational programs and activities. Thank you so much for your generosity in making pledges and supporting our students.

As our students walk through our community neighborhood between April 24-28, they will be raising money for additional learning resources such as enhanced learning technology and playground sports equipment.

How to Help.

Please donate to St. Edmund’s Spring Walkathon 2023, by: 1. Clicking on the "GIVE TO THE CAMPAIGN" button. 2. Enter the amount of your donation

3. Leave a comment in the COMMENT BOX

  • Put the First Name and Last initial and grade of the student you are pledging toward.

  • This way each student will know when someone has contributed for them. ie. "John D, grade 4, best of luck".

  • You can also leave a comment after their name too!

4. You can also find our link at the bottom of the main page of our school website and a QR code on the attached poster.


Religious Education


Every Wednesday at 6-7pm in the school

Children's Choir Training

Every Saturday at 10 AM

Altar Servers’ Training

Every Saturday at 11 - 11:30am


Archdiocese Notices & Events

Gardens of Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery is hosting its Spring Open House. Catholics save 20% off burial space at our sacred grounds, with an Open House special discount of an additional 5%. Now is the perfect time to make pre-need burial arrangements for yourself or your parents at our local Catholic cemetery. On Friday, April 28, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., OR Saturday, April 29, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Learn more and register at

Marriage Anniversary Mass - On Sunday May 14, 2023, the Archdiocese of Vancouver will be honoring couples celebrating milestone marriage anniversaries in 5-year increments from 5-60 years, and every year beyond 60 years at the annual Milestone Marriage Anniversary Mass.

You’re invited to register to celebrate your milestone marriage anniversary year with Mass at 1:30 pm at St. Francis Xavier Parish followed by a reception. Families and friends are welcome to witness and celebrate your milestone anniversary. Learn more and register at

Project Advance 2023

The Project Advance Webpage is live, please visit

You can donate by scanning ↘

Special Gifts

Bread and Wine

Remember a loved one with a special gift

Financial Updates

Remember St Edmund's in your Will

Prayer Requests and Advertisements

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

Navidad Ologar

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of

All Carmelite Priests

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

Father Steny &

Father Cannio


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