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Mar 9/10, 2024 - Sunday Bulletin

Fourth Sunday of Lent


This Week

  • KNIGHTS’ PANCAKE BREAKFAST is Sunday, March 10th after 8 & 9:30 am Masses. Join in the good company and good food!

  • 2023 TAX RECEIPTS ARE READY TO PICK UP FROM THE PARISH OFFICE or you can call the parish office to have the receipt mailed or emailed to you.

  • 2ND COLLECTION ENVELOPES FOR ONLINE & PRE-AUTHORIZED GIVING USERS IS AVAILABLE. If you would like a set please pick it up from the parish office

  • Please do not park in the Fire Zone or on Crosswalk – we have had complaints from our neighbors. It is against city by-laws and you could be ticketed or towed if you continue to do so.

  • FILIPINO MASS – is on Sunday, March 10th, at 6 pm


    • 9 am & 7 pm Masses – 6:30 Stations of the Cross (no 7:30 am Mass that day)

    • Are you ready to deepen your prayer life this Lent? Join fellow St. Edmund’s parishioners in a Lent Pray40 challenge using the #1 smartphone app for Catholic prayer and meditation, Hallow. The app presents prayer in different audio forms and includes many top Catholic speakers. In the Hallow Pray40 challenge, reflect and pray every day of Lent with Father Mike Schmitz, Jonathan Roumie (Jesus in The Chosen), Jeff Cavins, and others.

    • St. Edmund’s has organized a 90-day free trial of Hallow for parishioners. To access the free trial, from your smartphone:

      • Go to and follow the directions to create your account. OR

      • Using the camera on your phone, focus on the QR code below. A link will pop up. Select the link and follow the directions to create your account.


Important Updates

Holy Week Updates

  1. Confessions are available after the 9 am Mass and Sat. at 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm at St. Edmund’s. Additionally, Penitential Services are:

    1. Friday, March 21 – Holy Trinity @7:30pm

    2. Tuesday, March 26 – Christ the Redeemer @7pm

    3. Tuesday, March 26 – St. Stephen’s @10:30am

  2. The Blessing and the Procession with the Palms will take place 15 minutes before each Weekend Mass in front of our School. Please arrive early so that you can participate in the solemn entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

  3. Holy Thursday

    1. Last Supper at 7 pm followed by Adoration at Repose Altar till 11 pm.

    2. School Stations of the Cross at 11 am in the Church

  4. Good Friday

    1. Outdoor Stations of the Cross at 10 am.

    2. Lord’s Passion at 3 pm.

  5. Easter Vigil – 9 pm

  6. Easter Sunday - 8am, 9.30am, 11am Mass

  7. Easter Flower Donations: There are envelopes at the Church entrance. Your donation will help beautify the Church for Easter and they can also be offered in remembrance of a deceased loved one or other Intentions.

  8. The 11 am Liturgy on Easter Sunday is a Children’s Mass. Easter Treats will be given to the children after the Mass. If you could sponsor the Treats, please contact the Parish Office. It will be highly appreciated.

Other Updates

  • THE KNIGHTS’ FAMOUS PANCAKE BREAKFAST will be after the 8 & 9:30 am Masses on Sunday, March 10th. Bring your appetite and enjoy good food and good company.

  • FILIPINO MASS – is the second Sunday of the month at 6 pm

  • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION GROUP will meet in person on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm

  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR 2024 ENVELOPES – from the Parish Office. If you still have envelopes from other years, kindly do not use them. Instead, use a plain envelope noting your name and the amount until you pick up your 2024 set.

  • CWL MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2024 are due before the end of APRIL. Kindly bring your cheque or EXACT cash of $40.50 to the office during office hours, or drop an envelope into the communion basket, tagged CWL Membership. If you need to do e-transfer, contact Donna at

  • BISHOP LOBSINGER MEMORIAL BURSARY – go to the Knights of Columbus notices for important information.



Christ Predicts His Death

The First Light

Jesus healed a man born blind in today’s gospel reading and it is very lengthy and was recorded in great detail.  Is it any wonder?  What human being has ever given sight to a person that was born blind, simply by smearing a little clay on their eyes?  This was definitely a major miracle, the likes of which mankind had never seen before.  Jesus’ disciples probably talked about this miracle and recounted all of the details of this event for many years after his death, before Saint John recorded it for the rest of mankind to read.

Miracles are not given solely for the benefit of the person who received it.  Yes, Jesus in his infinite compassion for those who suffer, wanted to heal this man who was born blind and end the life long suffering his disability had caused him.  However, the gospel today recounts how this miracle affected not only the man who was cured, but also the community in which he lived.  This miraculous event got the attention of the entire town.  It took a while for the townspeople to absorb what had actually happened and the Pharisees never did.  They threw the blind man out of the synagogue rather than listen to the truth of what had actually happened to him, and who it was that healed his blindness.

Did you happen to notice the absolutely beautiful words that Christ said just before he healed the blind man?  He said, “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”  Immediately after saying this, Jesus spat on the ground and smeared clay on the man’s eyes.  What holy clay that was.  The first light the blind man saw was through this intimate encounter with the divinity of Jesus Christ. 

~ Laura Kazlas


Mass Intentions

Sunday, March 10

• Healing Mass for Yanic Pean by Chantel Pean

• Repose Nicolau Sebastiao Cardozo by Law family

• Repose Raffaele Cusano by wife Rosa

• Repose Socorrio Macapagal by daughter Daisy & family

• Spec. Intention Elias Beyrouti – 85th birthday

Monday, March 11

• Repose Nicolau Sebastiao Cardozo by Elizabeth Livingston

• Spec. Intention David Fercho by Hildegard Fercho

Tuesday, March 12

• Spec. Intention St. Edmund Parishioners

• Repose Nicolau Sebastiao Cardozo by Sue Farrell

Wednesday, March 13

• Spec. Intention Emmanuel Bihis by Maribeth Bihis

• Spec. Intention Patricio Diego by Maribeth Bihis

• Repose All Souls in Purgatory by Rosa Zivarts

• Repose Anna Duran by Patricia Duran

Thursday, March 14

• Spec. Intention David Fercho by Hildegard Fercho

• Repose Brendan Rowell by Diane & Peter Nation

Friday, March 15

• Repose Kristy Spring by St. Edmund’s School Staff & Students

• Repose Carol & Harold Palleson

Saturday, March 16

• Repose Eamon Burke by Imelda Weafer

• Repose Nicolau Sebastiao Cardozo by Lynn


Parish Events


2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 PM

CWL MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2024 are due before the end of APRIL. Kindly bring your cheque or EXACT cash of $40.50 to the office during office hours, or drop an envelope into the communion basket, tagged CWL Membership. If you need to do e-transfer, contact Donna @


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm

SPECIAL OFFER - Knights of Columbus - Free 1 Year On-Line Membership. You can enjoy the benefits of being a Knights of Columbus member including Accidental Death Benefit and the famous Columbia Magazine.


After joining, please check your Inbox for confirmation.


St. Eds Christian Meditation Group

Thu 15th Feb @ 7 PM

The St Edmund's Parish unit of the 'World Community for Christian Meditation' (WCCM) will resume its in-person meditation meeting, on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7.00 pm in St Edmund's Church.

The first (resumed) in-person meeting will be held Thursday, 15 February at 7.00 pm.

WCCM had suspended in-person meetings owing to COVID-19 restrictions but continues to hold a weekly virtual meeting on Mondays (via ZOOM), also at 7.00 pm.

You are sincerely invited to attend the WCCM meeting(s). All are welcome.

To learn more about WCCM, kindly contact: Luis Zunino - email


School Events

St. Edmunds Elementary School

St. Edmund’s School Walkathon

St. Edmund’s School Walkathon is our largest student-led fundraising event. Your donation to our campaign has an impact on our educational programs and activities. Thank you so much for your generosity in making pledges and supporting our students.

As our students walk through our community neighbourhood between April 8-11, they will be raising money for additional learning support materials for our Phys. Ed and Fine Arts Departments as well as 2 class sets of Chromebooks.


How to Help

1. Clicking on the "GIVE TO THE CAMPAIGN"

2. Enter the amount of your donation

3. Leave a comment in the COMMENT BOX

· Put the First Name and Last initial and grade of the student you are pledging toward.

· This way each student will know when someone has contributed for them. ie. "John D, grade 4, best of luck".

· You can also leave a comment after their name too!

4.  You can also find our link at the bottom of the main page of our school website and a QR code on the attached poster.

5. In addition to the online option for collecting donations, your children will be coming home with paper pledge forms.  If you collect cash or cheque donations and require a tax receipt, please be sure to complete the form with the donor's full name and address 


Please tell your friends about our wonderful school!

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival & Italy - The STA Alumni Association, in conjunction with STA Campus Ministry, is hosting a Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival and Italy from July 22nd - August 8th, 2024. All STA alumni & their families (18+) are invited to join.

Find more information at:


Religious Education


  • PREP classes will be held every Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at St Edmund’s School

Children's Choir Training

  • Every Saturday at 10 am

Altar Server Training

  • Every Saturday 11-11:30 am


Archdiocese Notices & Events


Training next-generation farmers in Indonesia

In rural Indonesia, young people are abandoning agriculture to work in cities. Over time, this could threaten food sovereignty.

Our partner PAYOPAYO empowers village communities to work together to find solutions to common challenges related to agriculture, food, energy, natural resource management and the engagement of youths, especially women.

This Lent, meet our solidarity visitor Karno Batiran, the executive director of PAYOPAYO. Learn more at


Special Gifts

Remember a loved one with a special gift

Altar Candles & Sanctuary Lamp


Financial Updates

Remember St. Edmund's in your Will


Prayer Requests and Advertisements

If you would like to let St. Edmund Parishioners know of the services your company provides, please contact the Parish Office about advertising on this page. Thank you.

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of Ashley


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