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April 29/30 2023 - Sunday Bulletin

4th Sunday of Easter

This Week In the Church

CWL Coffee Sunday & Bake Sale is after all Masses this Sunday. Come and enjoy a refreshment & take some delicious home bakes with you.

FIRST FRIDAY is on May 5th – Adoration begins after 9am Mass (no 7:30am Mass that day) followed by Benediction at 6:45pm and then Mass at 7pm. A Sign-up sheet is at the Church entrance – it would be greatly appreciated if 2-3 people could sign up per time slot.

Important Updates

MARGARET DALE - We offer our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the family and many friends of Margaret Dale who has gone home to our Heavenly Father. Margaret was a long-time member of our Faith Community. She was married here and was a member of the Legion of Mary, the North Shore Pro-Life Society and a Past President of the CWL. May she rest in the peace and comfort of the Lord.

Services for Margaret will be here at St. Edmund’s: PRAYERS – Monday, May 8th at 7pm and FUNERAL – Tuesday, May 9th at 10:30am, a reception follows in the Parish Hall.

Claudia Hovden – We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Claudia Hovden who has gone home to our Heavenly Father. May she rest in the peace and comfort of the Lord.

2022 TAX RECEIPTS - available from the Parish Office.

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH – there is a Filipino Mass at 6pm



Following the Example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd

This fourth Sunday of the Easter season is sometimes called Good Shepherd Sunday because in each of the three lectionary cycles, the Gospel reading invites us to reflect on Jesus as the Good Shepherd. In each cycle the reading is from the tenth chapter of John’s Gospel. This chapter sets the framework for Jesus’ teaching about himself as the Good Shepherd.

Today’s reading falls between the stories of Jesus’ healing of the man born blind and the raising of Lazarus. Both of these stories were proclaimed in the Gospels found in this year’s season of Lent. Following the controversy that ensued when Jesus healed the man born blind, Jesus directs his allegory about the sheep and the shepherd toward the Jewish religious leaders of his time, the Pharisees.

Throughout John’s Gospel the Pharisees fail to accept Jesus’ ministry and teaching. They show themselves to be “robbers and thieves” because they try to lead the sheep without entering through the gate, Jesus. Through these metaphors, Jesus is telling his listeners that those who follow him and his way will find abundant life. He identifies himself both as the shepherd and the gate. The shepherds who are faithful to him are the ones whom the sheep (Jesus’ disciples) should follow.

The relationship between the sheep and their shepherd is based on familiarity. Sheep recognize their shepherd and will not follow a stranger. At the end of the day, shepherds lead their sheep from pastures to a common gated area called a sheepfold. There, one shepherd protects all of the sheep until the next day when each shepherd returns to lead his own sheep to pasture. As shepherds move among the sheep, the sheep follow only their shepherd.

Today’s Gospel also gives us the opportunity to reflect on Christian leadership. Jesus’ words suggest to us that those who will lead the Christian community will be known by their faithfulness to Jesus. The leaders will recognize that Jesus is the gate for all of the sheep and that having a good relationship with Jesus is the primary characteristic of a Christian leader. Jesus’ allegory also suggests that faithful Christian leadership requires a good relationship with the community: the shepherd knows his sheep, and they know him. Christian leaders follow the example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, by being faithful to him and by being a good shepherd.

~ Loyola Press


Mass Intentions

Sunday, April 30

· Repose Erasmo Picones by Annaliza Apostol

· Repose Jim & Marlene Craig by Antoine Larose

· Repose William Haduca by Jennifer Gordo

Monday, May 1

· Spec. Intention St. Edmund’s Parishioners

· Repose Adela Diego by Rojo family

Tuesday, May 2

· Spec. Intention Tyler Harriott by Barbara Stuart

· Spec. Intention Robin Brooks by Helene & Lorne Brooks

Wednesday, May 3

· Repose Margaret Dale by Barbara Stuart

Thursday, May 4

· Spec. Intention Arnold & Sue Shives by Barbara Stuart

Friday, May 5

· Spec. Intention Christine Gallagher by Janet Ficocelli

Saturday, May 6

· Spec. Intention – 50th Wedding Anniversary – Tony & Paula Vendargon

If you need a Mass Intention, please contact the Parish Office




Parish Groups

ST. Edmund's Christian Meditation Group

All Mondays at 7:00 PM

Participation in person:

please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304

Option to participate via ZOOM:

For an introductory conversation, please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304 – Afterwards, A ZOOM link will be provided


Catholic Women’s League meetings are now in person on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7pm

SPECIAL NOTE: Starting April meetings will be in person

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm

All Spring Term lessons are now available to book at .

Registration for Summer camps and lessons will be available in April.



Religious Education


Every Wednesday at 6-7pm in the school

Children's Choir Training

Every Saturday at 10 AM

Altar Servers’ Training

Every Saturday at 11 - 11:30am


Archdiocese Notices & Events

Marriage Anniversary Mass - On Sunday May 14, 2023, the Archdiocese of Vancouver will be honoring couples celebrating milestone marriage anniversaries in 5-year increments from 5-60 years, and every year beyond 60 years at the annual Milestone Marriage Anniversary Mass.

You’re invited to register to celebrate your milestone marriage anniversary year with Mass at 1:30 pm at St. Francis Xavier Parish followed by a reception. Families and friends are welcome to witness and celebrate your milestone anniversary. Learn more and register at

Project Advance 2023

The Project Advance Webpage is live, please visit

You can donate by scanning ↘

Special Gifts

Bread and Wine

Remember a loved one with a special gift

Financial Updates

Remember St Edmund's in your Will

Prayer Requests and Advertisements

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

Navidad Ologar

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of

All Carmelite Priests

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

Father Steny &

Father Cannio


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