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Dec 17/18, 2022 - Sunday Bulletin


This week in the Church

FUNERAL MASS FOR MARLO PORRAS is at 11am on Tuesday, Dec. 20th in St. Edmund’s. Our condolences to his family & friends. May he rest in the peace & comfort of the Lord.

2023 COLLECTION ENVELOPES – they are ready to be picked up at the Church entrance and are in alphabetical order. In 2023, it is very important that you use your 2023 envelopes to help ensure that you are credited for any donations. Do not use previous year envelopes, as envelope numbers may change and, again, you may not receive credit for your donations.


  • Tuesday, Dec. 20th @ 7pm - St. Edmund’s Parish

  • Wednesday, Dec. 21st @ 7pm - Christ the Redeemer Parish

  • Thursday, Dec. 22nd @ 10:30am – St. Stephen’s Parish


Important Updates

HELP NEEDED - One of our school families has suffered from a fire in their apartment building. They have thankfully not been injured but they desperately need a 2-bedroom apartment on the North Shore to live in until their building is again safe to occupy. If you know of such a temporary dwelling, please contact the Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity.

OUR SINCERE CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Nonita Sonalan whose Funeral Mass was held last week. May he rest in the peace and comfort of the Lord

FUNERAL MASS FOR CHRISTOPHER McGUINNESS is at 11am on Monday, January 2nd in St. Edmund’s. Our condolences to his family & friends. May he rest in the peace & comfort of the Lord.

OUR SINCERE CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Dominga Sue Santos who went home to God. May she rest in the peace and comfort of the Lord

CHRISTMAS FLOWER DONATIONS – Would you like to contribute to the flowers that will adorn the Church for Christmas? If so, donation envelopes are at the Church entrance. Thank you for your generosity.

Pro-Life Christmas cards are available from the Parish Office & during the next CWL Coffee Sunday & Bake Sale in packs of 10 for $10 and 3 packs for $25

Christmas Star Competition

Dear Children and Parents, we encourage you to partake in this Competition.

The competition is open to all the parish members. The maximum size of the star should not exceed two feet X two feet (length x breadth). Please Signup before December 10, 2022.

The last day to submit the stars 22 December 2022. The prepared stars will be displayed inside and outside of the Church. The best star will be awarded with a prize. Prizes will be distributed at the Children's Mass on 24th December 2022. Stars of all sorts made by human hands in imitation of the heavenly stars appeared at the birth of Jesus.

How to make a Star? Here are some samples!

Helping Refugees

  • The Parish is in the process of welcoming a family of 5 to North Vancouver. If you would like to help, please join the Refugee Committee by contacting the Parish Office.



To be Faithful Servants of God

Finally, on this the Fourth Sunday of Advent, our Gospel Reading permits us to begin our contemplation of the mystery of the Incarnation we celebrate at Christmas: “Now this is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about” (Matthew 1:18).

The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of the birth of Jesus from Joseph's perspective. Today's Gospel passage is the second movement in this story. In the preceding verses of the first chapter of Matthew's Gospel, the Evangelist has listed the genealogy of Jesus, tracing his lineage through King David to Abraham. In the chapter to follow, Matthew tells of the visit from the Magi, the Holy Family's flight into Egypt, and Herod's massacre of the infants in Bethlehem. (The other stories which we associate with Christmas, the Annunciation, the Visitation, the angel and the shepherds, are found in the Gospel of Luke).

We must not gloss over too quickly the difficult circumstances described in today's Gospel. The way that Joseph and Mary face these circumstances tells us much about these holy people and their faith in God. Joseph and Mary are betrothed to be married. This is sometimes described as an engagement period, but it is more than that. Betrothal in first century Jewish culture was in fact the first part of the marriage contract. A breach of this contract was considered adultery. Mary is found to be with child. If adultery is proven, the punishment might be death. Joseph has rights under Mosaic law, but chooses to act discreetly in his plans to break the marriage contract, so as to protect Mary. Then God intervenes.

The message of the angel of the Lord given to Joseph in his dream tells us much about the child that Mary bears and his role in God's plan. He is conceived by the Holy Spirit. His name will be Jesus, which in the Hebrew means “Yahweh saves.” He will be the fulfillment of the prophecy heard in today's first reading from Isaiah: “. . . The virgin shall be with child . . . and shall name him Emmanuel [God with us].”

Joseph does as the angel of the Lord directs. He takes Mary to be his wife and accepts the child in her womb as his own. Joseph and Mary are both cooperative with God's plan. They are both models for us of what it means to be faithful servants of God.

~ Loyola Press


Mass Intentions

Sunday, December 18

  • Repose Serafino & Maria Cusano & Enza Romano by Cusano family

  • Repose Rosa Zepedeo by Pasqualina Cusano

  • Repose John Cusanelli by wife Giovanna

  • Repose Dominga Sue Santos by Romeo & Rosita Snatos

Monday, December 19

  • Repose St. Edmund Parishioners

  • Spec. Intention Imelda Weafer by Zofia Bronowska

  • Repose Jean Winstanley by Sue Farrell

Tuesday, December 20

  • Repose Robert Ashton Treadway by Mary Anne Riccardi

  • Spec. Intention Imelda Weafer by Lynn McLeod

  • Repose Margaret Stadnicki by Roz Kerr

Wednesday, December 21

  • Spec. Intention Thanksgiving Mass by Rosa Zivarts

  • Spec. Intention Marian Movement of Priests by Zofia Bronowska

Thursday, December 22

  • Repose Anne Catherine Schmitz-Robinson by Mary Ann Riccardi

  • Repose Souls in Purgatory by Helene Brooks

  • Repose Molly Aberdien by Elizabeth Livingston

Friday, December 23

  • Repose Chris Farrell by Sue Farrell

  • Spec. Intention Jeanette Bertram by Bev Watson

Saturday, December 24

  • Repose Mum & Dad Fiorvento by family

  • Repose Antonio Testa wife Lucia & family

If you need a Mass Intention, please contact the Parish Office




Parish Groups

ST. Edmund's Christian Meditation Group

Date: All Mondays at 7:00 PM

Participation in person:

please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304

Option to participate via ZOOM:

For an introductory conversation, please contact Luis Zunino - or at 604-987-8304 – Afterwards, A ZOOM link will be provided



Catholic Women’s League meetings are now in person on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7pm

SPECIAL NOTE: monthly CWL meetings will be via Zoom for December/January/February

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm


St. Edmund's Elementary School

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

STA Students Christmas Caroling at Inglewood Care Home - Last week students took the time to bring Christmas cheer to residents of Inglewood Care Home. They sang Christmas carols and handed out cards written by students. It was a joy to spend time with the residents!

12 Days of Aquinas Giving - Thank you for your incredible generosity in supporting the 12 Days of Aquinas Giving! The items received will benefit many people this Christmas through The Door Is Open, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Good Shepherd Ministry, and more.


Religious Education


Every Wednesday at 6-7pm

Children's Choir Training

Every Saturday at 10 AM

Altar Servers’ Training

Every Saturday at 11 - 11:30am


Archdiocese Events

Project Advance 2022

The Project Advance Webpage is live, please visit

You can donate by scanning ↘

Special Gifts

Remember a loved one with a special gift

Financial Updates

Remember St Edmund's in your Will

Prayer Requests and Advertisements

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

St. Edmund Parishioners

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of

All Carmelite Priests

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intention of

Father Steny &

Father Cannio


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