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Feb 17/18, 2024 - Sunday Bulletin

First Sunday of Lent


This Week


    • 9 am & 7 pm Masses – 6:30 Stations of the Cross (no 7:30 am Mass that day)

    • Are you ready to deepen your prayer life this Lent? Join fellow St. Edmund’s parishioners in a Lent Pray40 challenge using the #1 smartphone app for Catholic prayer and meditation, Hallow. The app presents prayer in different audio forms and includes many top Catholic speakers. In the Hallow Pray40 challenge, reflect and pray every day of Lent with Father Mike Schmitz, Jonathan Roumie (Jesus in The Chosen), Jeff Cavins, and others.

    • St. Edmund’s has organized a 90-day free trial of Hallow for parishioners. To access the free trial, from your smartphone:

      • Go to and follow the directions to create your account. OR

      • Using the camera on your phone, focus on the QR code below. A link will pop up. Select the link and follow the directions to create your account.

  • This weekend’s second collection supports the St. Joseph’s Society, which supports our retired priests who have dedicated their lives to serving our local communities. In the Archdiocese of Vancouver, priests are responsible for their own savings and contribute to a pension plan, the St. Joseph’s Society.

    • The Society provides financial assistance to help our priests live with dignity and security in their retirement. Due to their modest salary and personal almsgiving, their savings only provide for their basic needs in retirement. These savings can disappear quickly if nursing care or other expenses become necessary.

    • The St. Joseph’s Society relies on the generosity of parishioners like you to ensure that we can help provide our retired priests with a comfortable living environment, quality medical care, and other essential services that they require. Your donation will express your gratitude to them.

    • Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the St. Joseph’s Society in this weekend’s second Collection, or online at


Important Updates

  • PARISH OFFICE CLOSURE – Please note that the office is closed on Monday, February 19th for Family Day – reopening on Tuesday the 20th.

  • CWL COFFEE SUNDAY & BAKE SALE is after all Masses on Sunday, February 25th. Baking donations will be gratefully received before the Masses. Please allow the CWL to price your baked goods.

  • FILIPINO MASS – is the second Sunday of the month at 6 pm

  • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION GROUP will meet in person on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm

  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR 2024 ENVELOPES – from the Parish Office. If you still have envelopes from other years, kindly do not use them. Instead, use a plain envelope noting your name and the amount until you pick up your 2024 set.

  • CWL MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2024 are due before the end of APRIL. Kindly bring your cheque or EXACT cash of $40.50 to the office during office hours, or drop an envelope into the communion basket, tagged CWL Membership. If you need to do e-transfer, contact Donna @

  • BISHOP LOBSINGER MEMORIAL BURSARY – go to the Knights of Columbus notices for important information.



Jesus’ battle with Satan Begins

Compared to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the details throughout Mark’s narrative are sparse. This is evident in Mark’s account of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Mark tells us only that Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit and that for 40 days he was tempted by Satan. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke explain that Jesus fasted while in the desert, that Satan presented him with three temptations, and that Jesus refused each one, quoting Scripture. Only the Gospels of Matthew and Mark report that angels ministered to Jesus at the end of his time in the desert.

In each of the Synoptic Gospels, the temptation of Jesus follows his baptism by John the Baptist. In Mark’s Gospel, we are told that Jesus went into the desert immediately after his baptism, led by the Spirit. Jesus’ public ministry in Galilee begins after his temptation in the desert. Mark’s Gospel makes a connection between the arrest of John the Baptist and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus’ preaching about the Kingdom of God is in continuity with the preaching of John the Baptist, but it is also something new. As Jesus announces it, the Kingdom of God is beginning; the time of the fulfillment of God’s promises is here.

The fact that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert is significant. This recalls the 40 years that the Israelites wandered in the desert after being led from slavery in Egypt. The prophet Elijah also journeyed in the desert for 40 days and nights, making his way to Horeb, the mountain of God, where he was also attended to by an angel of the Lord. Remembering the significance of these events, we also set aside 40 days for the season of Lent.

In Mark’s Gospel, the desert marks the beginning of Jesus’ battle with Satan; the ultimate test will be in Jesus’ final hours on the cross. Similarly, our Lenten observances are only a beginning, a preparation for and a reinforcement of our ongoing struggle to resist the temptations we face in our lives. During Lent, we are led by the Holy Spirit to remember the vows of Baptism in which we promised to reject sin and to follow Jesus. Just as Jesus was ministered to by the angels, God also supports us in our struggle against sin and temptation. We succeed because Jesus conquered sin once and for all in his saving death on the cross.

- Loyola Press


Mass Intentions

Sunday, February 18

·       Healing Mass for Yanic Pean by Chantel Pean

·       Repose Zenon Kaczor by Beata & family

·       Repose Carlo Tinaburri by sister Paola Vignone

·       Repose Curtis Dayton by Aime & Terry Lehouillier


Monday, February 19

·       Spec. Intention Marsha Hursham by Cecily McLarnin

·       Spec. Intention Patti Calindas by Legion of Mary


Tuesday, February 20

·       Repose Perpetua de Guzman by Cari Mendoza

·       Repose Maria Luisa Limcaco Dalisay by Fritz & Katrina Gimenez


Wednesday, February 21

·       Spec. Intention Erna Mills by Zofia Bronowska

·       Spec. Intention St. Edmund’s Parishioners


Thursday, February 22

·       Spec. Intention Rev. Steny Mascarenhas by Margaret Petreny


Friday, February 23

·       Spec. Intention Frances Watson by Coffee Friends

·       Repose Erlinda Cervantes by Cari Mendoza

·       Spec. Intention Thanksgiving-Caridad C. Mendoza by Cari Mendoza

·       Spec. Intention Christina Gallagher/House of Prayer by Janet Ficocelli

·       Reposes Mum & Dad Pham by daughter Rosa Zivarts


Saturday, February 24

·       Spec. Intention Rev. Cannio Cardozo by Margaret Petreny

·       Repose All Souls in Purgatory by Rosa Zivarts

·       Repose John Cusanelli by Giovanna Cusanelli

·       Repose John, Domenico, Mattia & Serafino by family


Parish Events


2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 PM

CWL MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2024 are due before the end of APRIL. Kindly bring your cheque or EXACT cash of $40.50 to the office during office hours, or drop an envelope into the communion basket, tagged CWL Membership. If you need to do e-transfer, contact Donna @


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm

SPECIAL OFFER - Knights of Columbus - Free 1 Year On-Line Membership. You can enjoy the benefits of being a Knights of Columbus member including Accidental Death Benefit and the famous Columbia Magazine.


After joining, please check your Inbox for confirmation.


St. Eds Christian Meditation Group

Thu 15th Feb @ 7 PM

The St Edmund's Parish unit of the 'World Community for Christian Meditation' (WCCM) will resume its in-person meditation meeting, on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7.00 pm in St Edmund's Church.

The first (resumed) in-person meeting will be held Thursday, 15 February at 7.00 pm.

WCCM had suspended in-person meetings owing to COVID-19 restrictions but continues to hold a weekly virtual meeting on Mondays (via ZOOM), also at 7.00 pm.

You are sincerely invited to attend the WCCM meeting(s). All are welcome.

To learn more about WCCM, kindly contact: Luis Zunino - email


School Events

St. Edmunds Elementary School

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival & Italy - The STA Alumni Association, in conjunction with STA Campus Ministry, is hosting a Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival and Italy from July 22nd - August 8th, 2024. All STA alumni & their families (18+) are invited to join.

Find more information at:


Religious Education


  • PREP classes will be held every Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at St Edmund’s School

Children's Choir Training

  • Every Saturday at 10 am

Altar Server Training

  • Every Saturday 11-11:30 am


Archdiocese Notices & Events


• Momentum Single Mothers Gathering - February 24

• Together for Good Marriage Workshop - March 2*

* Together for Good Marriage Workshop

One day could change your marriage! Thousands of couples across Canada have dedicated one day to building a marriage that stays together for good.

In partnership with FamilyLife Canada, we are offering the Together for Good Marriage Workshop that will give you tools, exercises and guided conversations to help you and your partner grow a healthier, more joy-filled and resilient marriage.

Each session will help you move past differences and drift to a place of greater closeness and trust. You’ll strengthen your relationship in the important areas of communication, conflict, sex and spirituality. Discover how incredibly good marriage can be — for you, your family and your community.

On Saturday, March 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Corpus Christi Parish in Vancouver. Cost is $60 per couple.

Registration deadline: Monday, February 19. Learn more and register via



Discover the essence of WYD Lisbon 2023 in the video created by WYD Canada.

Please click the link below:


Development and Peace — Caritas Canada: a movement of solidarity

Established in 1967, Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada is the official international solidarity organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.

We address the root causes of poverty, oppression, and inequality by working with partners in the Global South and by mobilizing Canadians in the common struggle for justice and dignity. We champion women and social movements as key agents of lasting change.

Our transformative work is possible thanks to the generosity and support of our members and Canadians who stand by us. 

Join the movement of over 12,000 members and help us bring our campaigns to life in your community. Visit


This Lent, let’s work toward Reaping our Rights

This year, Development and Peace — Caritas Canada’s Create Hope: Reaping our Rights campaign calls you to stand with small-scale farmers and peasant communities who feed the world while caring for the Earth. Do this by:

1.     Donating online at or during the Solidarity Sunday collection on March 17, the fifth Sunday of Lent. Your generosity helps support over 73 projects in 36 countries around the world!

2.     Learning more by reading the Mini-magazine and other resources available at

3.     Meeting our solidarity visitors and participating in the campaign launch webinar on February 17 at 1:30 p.m. ET.


Special Gifts

Remember a loved one with a special gift


Financial Updates

Remember St. Edmund's in your Will


Prayer Requests and Advertisements

If you would like to let St. Edmund Parishioners know of the services your company provides, please contact the Parish Office about advertising on this page. Thank you.

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of Ashley


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