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Jan 20/21, 2024 - Sunday Bulletin

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


This Week in the Church

  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – January 18 - 25


Important Updates

  • Our heartfelt condolences to the family & many friends of Betty Shamley who has gone home to our Heavenly Father. May she rest in the Comfort of the Lord. Memorial Mass: Saturday, Feb. 3rd @ 11am here at St. Edmund’s with a Reception to follow in the Parish Hall.

  • CWL COFFEE SUNDAY & BAKE SALE is after all Masses on Sunday, January 28th. Baking donations will be gratefully received prior to the Masses. Please allow the CWL to price your baked goods.

  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR 2024 ENVELOPES – from the Parish Office

  • BISHOP LOBSINGER MEMORIAL BURSARY – go to the Knights of Columbus notices for important information.




The Gospel of Mark does not begin with a narrative about Jesus’ birth. Instead, Mark begins by reporting on the preaching of John the Baptist. John is described as the voice in the wilderness sent to prepare the way of the Lord. Immediately after describing the work of John the Baptist, Mark reports on Jesus’ baptism and his temptation in the desert. Jesus’ public ministry begins after the arrest of John the Baptist. Mark wants his readers to understand the important connection between the end of the ministry of John the Baptist and the beginning of Jesus’ own ministry.

As we learn at the beginning of today’s Gospel reading, Jesus preaches the Kingdom of God in continuity with the preaching of John the Baptist. Like John the Baptist, Jesus’ pronouncement of the kingdom is a call to repentance. Yet Jesus’ preaching is greater than John’s. Jesus begins the time of fulfillment; the Kingdom of God is already here. This will be demonstrated again and again, both in Jesus’ words and in the actions that follow. Jesus’ healings and forgiveness of sins are signs of the Kingdom of God that he announces in his teaching.

In contrast to last week’s Gospel, in Mark’s Gospel Jesus takes the initiative in calling his first disciples. As mentioned last week, it was more typical of first-century rabbinical schools for students to seek out rabbis, asking to be their disciples. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus breaks with this tradition and invites his disciples to learn from him. Jesus is said to have first called four fishermen—Simon, Andrew, James, and John. Simon and Andrew are brothers. Jesus promises that he will make them “fishers of men.” James and John are also brothers. Mark does not report Jesus' words of invitation to them, but he does report that they left their fishing immediately; their father, Zebedee, was left behind in the boat.

Mark’s Gospel is told with a great sense of urgency and immediacy. Jesus is a person of action, and events occur in rapid succession. We see this in today’s Gospel. Time is of the essence; the fishermen immediately put aside their livelihood to become Jesus’ disciples. The Kingdom of God is here and now. The time of fulfillment is at hand. How might our lives be different if we more fully shared this sense of the immediacy of God’s kingdom?

- Loyola Press


Mass Intentions

Sunday, January 21

·       Healing Mass for Yanic Pean by Chantel Pean

·       Repose Klaudia Sankova by Zuzana Vignone

·       Repose Raffaele Cusano by wife Rosa

·       Repose Fred Winstanley by Sue Farrell

·       Repose Serafino & Maria Cusano/Fiore & Enza Romano by Adelina & Angelo Cusano

·       Spec. Intention Antonio Diego by Maribeth Bihis


Monday, January 22

·       Repose Tessie Hanlon by Joanna Hanlon & family

·       Spec. Intention Anna Pamintuan by Legion of Mary


Tuesday, January 23

·       Spec. Intention Marian Olmsted by Peter & Fernande Husar

·       Spec. Intention Jovita Ramirez by Zofia Bronowska

·       Spec. Intention Gliceria Centillas by Maribeth Bihis


Wednesday, January 24

·       Repose Pat MaGee by Elizabeth Livingston

·       Repose Klaudia Sankova by Zuzana Vignone

·       Spec. Intention (Healing Mass) Annette Maglieri by Domenico & Maria Maglieri & family


Thursday, January 25

·       Spec. Intention Rev. Cannio Cardozo by Mel Johnson


Friday, January 26

·       Repose William So & Florence Gee by Gar Quock

·       Repose Rosario Frias by Gerwyn Frias


Saturday, January 27

·       Repose Pat MaGee by Imelda Weafer

·       Repose Klaudia Sankova by Zuzana Vignone


Parish Events


2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 PM


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus general meetings are in person on the 1st Tuesday each month @7pm/executive meetings are also in person on the last Tuesday of the month @7pm

SPECIAL OFFER - Knights of Columbus - Free 1 Year On-Line Membership. You can enjoy the benefits of being a Knights of Columbus member including Accidental Death Benefit and the famous Columbia Magazine.


After joining, please check your Inbox for confirmation.


St. Eds Christian Meditation Group

Mondays @ 7 PM

Participation in person: please contact Luis Zunino ( or at 604-987-8304.

Option to participate via ZOOM: For an introductory conversation, please contact Luis Zunino


School Events

St. Edmunds Elementary School

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival & Italy - The STA Alumni Association, in conjunction with STA Campus Ministry, is hosting a Pilgrimage to the Medjugorje Youth Festival and Italy from July 22nd - August 8th, 2024. All STA alumni & their families (18+) are invited to join.

Find more information at:


Religious Education


  • PREP classes will be held every Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00 pm at St Edmund’s School

Children's Choir Training

  • Every Saturday at 10am

Altar Server Training

  • Every Saturday 11-11:30am


Archdiocese Notices & Events


• Making Sense of Counterwill - January23 - February 20*

• Spiritual Care Training Program - February 1 - March 21

• Weekend Getaway Marriage Conference - February 16 - 18

• Momentum Single Mothers Gathering - February 24

• Together for Good Marriage Workshop - March 2

*MAKING SENSE OF COUNTERWILL – Tuesday evenings, January 23 – February 20 - 7:30-9:30pm. Online via Zoom/$25 cost to register.

The instinct to resist being controlled or coerced is one of the most perplexing and troublesome dynamics in dealing with children and youth. This course reveals the dynamics controlling this instinct and provides suggestions for how to deal with it.

This material is applicable for all those dealing with toddlers through adolescents: teachers, parents, and helping professionals.



There will be a Vocation Live-In on the weekend of February 10 -11 at the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, BC. Anyone wishing to enter the Seminary in the next couple of years is welcome. For more information phone 604-826-8975 or email



Discover the essence of WYD Lisbon 2023 in the video created by WYD Canada.

Please click the link below:



Invite you to be a part of their upcoming Catholic Educators Conference that will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC. The event promises to be a fantastic platform for showcasing and promoting your products and services to a diverse and engaged audience.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss this opportunity:

• Exposure: With the Catholic Educators Conference set to attract a large crowd of over 1500 attendees, your brand will gain maximum exposure

• Networking: Connect with our 46 schools, potential clients, and fellow vendors to establish valuable business connections

• Promotion: Benefit from our extensive marketing efforts that will promote your presence before, during and after the event

• Innovation: Showcase your latest products and innovations to a captivated audience

For more information on how to become a vendor and sponsor of the event, please visit the following link:

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of something truly special and grand. Your presence at the 2024 Catholic Educators Conference will be a highlight, and we can’t wait to have you on board!


Special Gifts

Remember a loved one with a special gift


Financial Updates

Remember St. Edmund's in your Will


Prayer Requests and Advertisements

If you would like to let St. Edmund Parishioners know of the services your company provides, please contact the Parish Office about advertising on this page. Thank you.

Our Parish Community is asked to pray for the Special Intentions of Ashley


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