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Catholics often think that because the Church is so well established there are “people” to do every job within the parish. Frankly, without the help and support of those of us in the pews, not even the lights of our parish would stay on. Each parish needs each of us to help and support the pastor and his associates to do the important work of our Lord and his Church. What can you do to help?

1. Pray

The best way you can serve your parish is with your active participation in Mass every weekend and Holy Day of Obligation. When you join your prayers to those of your fellow parishioners, and show, by your presence, how important you feel it is to participate in the eucharistic life of your parish, you strengthen the entire Body of Christ. While at Mass and in your personal prayer time, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in other ways you can serve your parish.

2. Find the right job

We are all recipients of different gifts. Can you carry a tune? Maybe you belong in the choir. Can you staff an event or usher on Sundays or Holy Days? Take an honest look at your God given attributes, and think about how you can use them best. Enjoy the great outdoors? Become a part of the grounds committee, cutting grass and planting flowers. Ask your pastor or parish secretary for suggestions.

3. Read the bulletin

The bulletin is the rectory’s way of connecting with all parishioners. Sign up to received it by email every week and read it from front to back. You’ll see upcoming events and calls to action for ministries that need help. Become fully informed about what is going on in your own parish.

4. Call the office

Call the rectory office and find out where else help is needed. There may be areas that haven’t made it into the bulletin.

5. Check the web

We will do our best to keep this site current and updated. Is there something you want to see here or a question you want answered? Let us know.

6. Bring a friend 

That first step is so much easier when you bring someone with you. Ask a friend to volunteer with you.

7. Search the parish ministries

Check out our extensive list of parish groups and see what appeals to you. Contact the group leader and get involved.

8. Just do it!

The first step is always the hardest – find something that catches your eye, and give it a try!


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